Hi there! My name is Emily Rudolph. I tell stories for visionary brands, creatives & entrepreneurs.


Services & Pricing


I am a freelance independent contractor offering content-based marketing solutions to visionary brands and creative entrepreneurs. As an internationally published writer, photographer, and content creator, I'm also known for wearing a lot of hats! Over the past 7 years, I've been honored to work on several unique, high-profile assignments alongside brands like General Electric, LinkedIn, Penguin Group, Zipline Australia and more. Prior to going freelance, I worked as an acquisitions editor and community manager for tech startup CREATIV – which launched an internationally distributed print magazine named "Hottest Launch of the Year" in 2015

Today, I dedicate everything I do to catalyzing creativity in others. That's actually why I decided to found Sahuaro Media, a creative collective on a mission to spread the power of creativity which you can learn more about here. When I'm not working, you'll probably find me hiking, camera-in-hand or soaking up the wifi at a local coffee shop somewhere – binge-writing glamorously with a graveyard of beverages at my fingertips. For a sample of my work, I invite you to visit my portfolio by clicking here.

Need a variety of services? Not to worry! Simply get in touch using the contact form below. I will get back to you a.s.a.p. with a custom estimate! *Inquire within about travel & fixed rate projects.

  • Photography - $50 per hour

  •  Journalism / Article Writing - $50 per hour

  • Creative / Non-Specified Writing - $50 per hour

  • Line & Copy Editing - $40 per hour

  • Consulting - $40 per hour

  • Content Creation/Design - $40 per hour

  • Website Design - $250+ (Details Apply)


Client Feedback

I hired Emily to do a total overhaul and rebranding for my business. She did an amazing job and I am so glad I chose her. Very responsive and always had awesome ideas! She takes your vision and tweaks it so it really gets your message across. I would recommend Emily to anyone! She takes pride in her work and loves what she does!
— Leah Cayzer, Founder of Black Hearts Beauty
Emily Rudolph is a music journalist for my online publication BurningHotEvents.com, a member of my business Kataklizmic Design’s “Team Kataklizmic”, my collaborator, and my assistant in a variety of projects. I run my business with a qualitative approach, and Emily’s writing work meets my stringent standards. She is thorough, does her research, is well-worded, and writes with heart. She is a prompt and authentic communicator, who does all of her work passionately and with gratitude. Emily is versatile, having assisted me with event preparation, art direction and setup for portrait shoots, and photography studio setup. She is very approachable, and makes it clear that she welcomes opportunities, and is happy to help others. She has also been a fresh and unique perspective, and a valuable contributor, during brainstorming sessions and project planning. She strikes an ideal balance of professionalism and easygoing demeanor, and is always respectful and objective. When we get down to business, her experience really shines through.
— Katherine Amy Vega, CEO of Kataklizmic Design


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